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Our Mission

Hospitality for the Homeless, based in Norfolk, VA, serves as a national re-distribution agency for travel-size toiletries to those in need.

Hospitality for the Homeless receives donated amenities from our inventory partners nationally, including hotels and resorts, dentists, orthodontists, retailers, and manufacturers, as well as from the public.

We re-package these donated items, which include soap, shampoo, lotion, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and disposable razors, into care kits which we distribute to recognized homeless shelters and needs-based agencies.

It is an interesting concept that has been well-received. Refreshingly, we don't ask for a financial contribution, nor do we solicit continuously. We only ask our inventory partners once a year for a donation of toiletries that they already stock in-house.

Our community service partners - high schools, middle schools, Sunday schools, and Scout troops - provide student volunteers to re-package the toiletries into care kits for our distribution. In exchange for their help, our student volunteers receive community service hours of credit and the opportunity to participate in a community-wide give-back program.