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How You Can Help

 You can help in a variety of ways.

  • IF you work for a company that can provide some of the items that we distribute, please bring our organization to the attention of your employer and encourage them to become an inventory partner.

  • IF your company, school or congregation would like to participate in our toiletries drop box program, please contact us for more information at: info(at) or at 757-580-3021.

  • IF you attend a school or belong to a congregation or community service organization that may be interested in providing volunteer services for re-packaging the supplies that we provide into care kits, please encourage your school or congregation to become a community service partner.

  • Your donation assists us in offsetting the costs of our care kit program. Hospitality For The Homeless is a volunteer-driven foundation, and there is no cost for our recipient partners to receive our care kits. We only ask that our recipient partners tell a friend about Hospitality For The Homeless.